With a heritage that stretches back to 1885, Adamsez is one of Britain’s oldest and most respected designers and manufacturers of bathroom products.

The company began its life as the producer of iconic art deco inspired products like the ‘Radio’, ‘Lotus’ and ‘Meridian’, and today is renowned as one of Europe’s key influencers in bath design. We are one of the few remaining British manufacturers who still design and make in the UK which not only guarantees a level of quality that is becoming a rarity in today’s market but also makes it easier for us than most to bring new, exciting, inspirational designs to our customers.

Adamsez has been synonymous with the advancement of bathroom design and quality. Now with the expertise of a new management team led by design engineers and manufacturing experts, this respected brand is set for enhanced development. Our experienced and long-serving craftsmen who continue to sustain the company’s reputation for excellence, is the foundation stone that gives our products their luxurious status.

Adamsez has been built on the intrinsic values of integrity, respect and commitment to absolute quality and design innovation.

We believe that bathrooms are for living not just for looks. Everything that we produce has the user in mind and has been thoughtfully engineered to ensure that each product is as functional as it is striking. We apply only the finest of materials and time tested skills to our processes and the attention to detail in all we do is reflected in the outstanding portfolio of luxurious baths

Intelligent design can improve your life.

At Adamsez, we solve difficult problems with what appear to be simple solutions developed over many years by our team of designers and engineers. Close attention to detail sets our designs apart from the rest, creating a new benchmark for quality, performance and aesthetic appeal. We create intelligent bathing systems and refine them with good design to help you choose the perfect bathroom.