8 Jet Whirlpool

Activate the system by pressing the single pneumatic push button. Select the required performance level by individually adjusting the air intake control button and water speed control button.

The directional jets can be adjusted by the bather to specifically target where you would like to receive the warm massaging effect of the whirlpool.

Number of Jets – 8
Colour – Chrome
Jet Description – 69 mm diameter jets moulded in ABS fitted to side of bath
Controls – 1 pneumatic on/off, 1 air control, 1 water control
Pump Size – 1HP
Air Source – Atmosphere
Speed – 3 speed with variable air control
Warm Air Blower – N/A
Blower Size / Pulsar Effect – N/A
Hygiene Management – N/A
RCCB – Yes
Underwater Light – Optional Extra