AdStone Shower Trays

Modern DesignStraight perfectly defined features with a resin cover that gives the design of the bathroom lines a modern touch.

The stain resistant, anti-slip composition of an AdStone Shower Tray is practical and easy to maintain.

AdStone Shower Trays are manufactured combining composite mineral and nanotechnology, in addition to the use of materials that favor the sustainability of the planet. It combines elastic resins with mineral fillers and a layer of the latest generation gel coat that result in products with greater durability and impact resistance, as well as significantly reducing their weight.


Polyester resin and the latest mineral fillers

Highly resistant, durable non-slip Gel Coat

Antislip Class C3

McAlpine wastes supplied as standard with all AdStone Shower Trays.
McAlpine started making plumbing products in 1902 and the company is privately owned and still run by the same family today. Based in the United Kingdom McAlpine is actively involved in the production of quality products which are available from national and independent suppliers.


Adamsez – AdStone Shower Trays


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order a left or right hand quadrant tray?
If the shower door is going to open on the left-hand side, then you will be looking to purchase a left-hand quadrant tray. If it needs to open to the right, you will be looking for a right-hand quadrant tray.

How should the product be stored once it has been received?

It should be stored horizontally on a flat surface.

How can the products be repaired?
Although they are very strong and impact resistant, we have repair kits available for our customers.

Can the product be cut?
Yes, with a diamond cutting disc.

How do you clean the product?
Neutral soap and water applied with a sponge should be used. Never use abrasive products or tools.

What material should be used to install the products?
To stick and/or seal the products use MS flexible polyurethane sealant and/or neutral silicone.


Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

For regular cleaning use a universal cleaning agent with non abrasive properties,  or any mild dish soap and water. After each use the inner surface must be rinsed with water and cleaned with a cotton cloth. For more stubborn stains (grease, mildew, oil, paint or ink stains), use a mild abrasive cleaner. It may take a little more scrubbing to actually remove marks. In order to maintain the aesthetics of a product it is recommended to use skin care oil once per month. Stronger dirt must be treated with warm water, with gentle cleaning agents or a soap solution with water. Scratches on the surface may be treated with a rough sponge and then maintained with oil. Limescale may be treated with a  solution of water and vinegar. The temperature of the water used to clean the washbasin must not be hotter than 70°c and for the bathtub and the shower tray it must not be hotter than 75°c. Cleaning products must not be used and care must be taken when using products with natural or artifical dyes. Before using a detergent on the product, try it first on a hidden spot. Inappropriate care of the product might damage it and void the warranty.



Our AdStone Shower Trays come witha lifetime year warranty according to the existing European regulations. The following circumstances shall void the warranty:

–  Damage caused by misuse
–  Unsuitable storage and handling of the product
–  Incorrect use of cleaning products
–  Inappropriate installation of the product

Technical Information